An apology to fellow club members

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Nov 1, 2003
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Southeastern Ohio
I would like to take a minute to apologize to my fellow club members. I know that many of them check in here regularly. Twice lately, I have posted and made remarks that I think came across as if I don't think of our club shows as important. I said we just showed for fun and it didn't really matter, blah, blah, blah or some such words. I didn't really think how that sounded until later. Our club is a great club. We have wonderful supportive members and great kids coming up. We have members with multiple top 10 placings at Nationals and people who put a lot of work and heart into our shows. We have clinics and just a lot of fun together. While it is true that I show for the fun and fellowship of it, I didn't mean to make it sound like the club wasn't important or that I didn't care. In the context of the posts I was replying to, it didn't sound so bad in my mind. But later it bothered me. In truth, I greatly admire a lot of people in our club and appreciate all the wonderful support provided to all the members. You won't find a better group to be a part of. Message boards and e-mail are great, but sometimes you can come across in ways you never intended. Anyway, sorry and hugs to all.