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Dec 4, 2002
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Amery, Wisconsin
I just received this message from Judith Kurth....


I am assisting Amy Toner's mother, Sharon, in passing the word that she is selling Amy's negatives in preparation for a move. What is not sold will be discarded. Amy's years of fine photography are now going to be offered - farm shoots, Nationals photos, other events. If anyone is interested in purchasing any, now is the time to act. Sharon has her house for sale, is packing now and all negatives not purchased will be disposed of. If interested, Sharon Toner may be contacted at:

[email protected] or by phone [520]281-5887.

If possible, pass the word along to others who might be interested. I have purchased my priceless negatives and will treasure them. These negatives will be yours to do with as you like. I was thrilled to get negatives of horses who have passed away, and photos I lost in a house fire. Hopefully this announcement will be of interest to others.

I just heard from Sharon that her home is close to being sold so she will be moving soon. If you are intersted, act now.