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Brooke S.

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Mar 29, 2014
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I've been trying to do the research myself, trying to read the signs, trying to ask other people, but finely I realized I need to ask the Aunties! So I am leasing a stallion for this breeding season (my first year!! Yay!), to breed to my 2 new mini mares. But, I thought, why not breed my Shetland for a foal that I can train to work on the farm alongside his/her momma? So I decided to breed my Shetland to the stud. But...I am trying to decied whether to pasture breed or hand breed. Lacy, my Shetland, can be very mean towards other horses so I don't want to get the stud hurt. Also I am trying to tease her, but the stud and Lacy are not showing any interest in each other, and haven't been for a month and a half. Shouldn't she have been in heat somewhere inbetween that month and a half? Also, how will she act when she is in heat, and how will the stud act? What is the most efective way to tease? Right now I am leading her up to his stall and letting them sniff noses, and that is it. He sniffs her nose, and then goes back to eating hay or seeing if I have a treat in my pocket.

What do you guys think? How do you breed your minis?

Thank you all!!

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