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Aug 18, 2003
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Arlington, Wa

Just wanted to share that with going to to two shows, I ended up placing 9th in the national all-stars in Showmanship with a friend's mare, Goldust's Easter Lilly.


Who else has All-star placings?


Edited to Add: Just found out today that she also placed 9th in Foundation Classic Senior Mare. Both of these awards are from two shows, and not going to regionals or congress. Congrats to all!
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Apr 21, 2004
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Thumb area of Michigan
Look on the L'il Beginnings Miniature Horse Forum

Page 2 Top 10 National All Stars (Pages 1 2 )

AMHR 2 year old stallion over

Filipowicz Lutke U.S. Spirit 3rd place

AMHR Aged Gelding over

Filipowicz Peanut 9th place

AMHR Produce of Dam 38 and Under

Ripl-K Golden Babe 7th place

This was for Babes two other foals Filipowicz Morgan and Filipowicz Amore Lutke Charm

Also Thanks to Arlene Foulk for showing Spirit (Boomer) and Peanut

Congratulations to All


Home of: Ripl-K-Golden Babe (Glory)

ASPC/AMHR & Fisher's Lily Lu

Filipowicz Farm
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Aug 20, 2003
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We had a pretty good stack of All Star letters this year -

2nd - Classic Lead Line - Abrielle Tembreull (my middle child)

3rd - Classic Youth Showmanship 7 & Under - Abrielle Tembreull

9th - Modern Youth Halter Mare/Gelding - Oneka's French Silk

5th - Modern Liberty - Oneka's French Silk

2nd - Modern Costume - Oneka's French Silk

7th - Modern Pleasure Mare 1 yr old - Oneka's French Silk

10th - Classic Mare Halter Owned, Bred, Shown - Plattes Athenian

10th - Classic Mare Foal of Current Year - Plattes Athenian

6th - Classic Broodmare - Plattes Angelic Dream

10th - Classic Mare & Foal of Current Year - Plattes Angelic Dream

8th - Classic Gelding Halter Amateur Owned & Shown - Royal Beau

2nd - Classic Costume - Royal Beau

7th - Classic Liberty - Royal Beau

4th - Classic Youth Halter Mare/Gelding 12 & Under - Royal Beau

2nd - Classic Sr. Gelding - Royal Beau

2nd - Classic Gelding Sr. Champion - Royal Beau

2nd - Classic Model Gelding - Royal Beau

9th - Classic Youth Showmanship 8-12 - Wyatt Tembreull (my oldest)

4th - Modern Youth Showmanship 12 & under - Wyatt Tembreull

There are quite a few pictures of Royal Beau on my website on the Show page. We also finished his Halter Hall of Fame last year.
The others are all on my mare page.

Karen S

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Dec 10, 2002
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Hello to All:

Here are our All Star results for 2004:

Classic Open Roadster:

5th with Whiskey on the Rocks driven by my daughter Kelli Shaw

Classic Open Single Draft Harness:

4th with F.L.F. Spellbound driven by my father Jacky Davis (This pony is for Sale)

Classic Open 2 Pony Hitch Draft Harness:

1st with F.L.F. Spellbound & P.C. Jetts Painted Knight driven by Jacky Davis

Classic Youth Country Pleasure Driving:

9th with P.C. Jetts Painted Knight driven by Sara Harborth

Classic Mare Halter, Own, Bred & Shown by Exhibitor:

6th with Fiddlestix Silver Silhouette shown by daughter Kelli Shaw

Classic Mare Halter, Amateur Owned & Shown:

8th with Fiddlestix Silver Silhouette shown by Karen Shaw

Note: This was a yearling mare competing with older mares and placed consistantly either third or fourth in large classes of 6-12 horses. I was very proud of such a young horse being able to keep her attention on me while out in the ring and not be distracted of everything going on around her.

Classic Mare, Yearling, 43" & Under:

Note: There was a mistake in this class and we contacted the office to verify and was told that a mistake had been made with the All Star Points here:

1st for just the Classic Yearling Class: Fiddlestix Silver Silhouette shown by Kelli Shaw

Over All Standing for Classic Yearling Mare was 4th with Fiddlestix Silver Silhouette shown by Kelli Shaw


What the office did was total all points for this class including all Jr and Grand Championships (which was wrong) they then were to show your Jr and Grand Champions of the yearling class for a total All Star Winner overall.

Please double check your results and should you find a mistake please call Peggy at the ASPC/AMHR Registry so that she may be able to correct the mistake. We did so we could release any ads that we were working on for the Journal.

We are very proud of our accomplishments this past year and look forward to 2005

All our ponies can be seen on our website: (Jim, Karen & Kelli Welcomes You)

Karen Shaw

Fiddlestix Miniatures & Shetlands

Burleson Texas



we had a great year also. we only show one shetland our special patches
she got:

3rd Modern Liberty

4th Youth Mare

7th Halter mare

8th Youth showmanship

We are very proud of her and kyle
I cannot believe looking at this pic how much kyle has grown since he first started showing her!!!
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