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Dec 12, 2004
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[SIZE=10pt]Hey everyone,[/SIZE]

I just wanted to give you an update on Faith.

Against all odds, she is doing very good. Her strong will is pulling her through again.

She is still not quite 100%, but she is making her way, and is very close to being completely better.

She is eating better then I have ever seen her eat. She, once again, gets excited about feeding time in the morning and at night.

She is slowly gaining her weight back, and by the end of summer she should be back up to the correct weight.

Plus, she is up to her old tricks again! That's a good sign to me. Just yesterday she was running around like a "wild horse."
The day before that she led me on a goose chase before she would let me catch her. And she continues to get herself in predicaments that I have to bail her out of... :DOH!

I guess she isn't done yet.

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