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Feb 19, 2004
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Hi, I hope i am allowed to post this here. i have been e-mailing a few breeders to ask for there help on this matter and they said to post a message here. I am from Traverse City, Michigan I am looking to adopt a dwarf miniature horse. I currently have one mini and one American Quarter horse (who was also a rescue. He needs special farrier care due to his poor conformation. He also needs to be seen by an equine chiropractor every 6-8 weeks due to his chronic back problems) I board both of them at an Appy show barn near my house. I also rescued a neglected 23 yr. Old Appaloosa that had foundered and had not seen a farrier in one year. Adopting my three “kids†was one of the most rewording things I have ever done. The owners of the appy, didn’t have any money to pay for his feed or farrier upkeep, let alone any of much needed vet expenses. So I took him in. I loved taking care of him! Right now I am looking for a dwarf miniature horse to help. I fell in love with the mini breed when I adopted my current mini. I have done a lot of research over the past few years and have found that many dwarves are not cared for properly, due to the ignorance and lack of experience of their owners. I feel that I could provide a financially stable, knowledgeable, loving home to a dwarf in need. Please contact me if you know of any dwarf minis that may be in need of such a home. You can e-mail me at or call me at home at (231) 922-8099 or on my cell at (231) 392-2419. Thanks so much for your help.

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