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Reijel's Mom

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Feb 7, 2006
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Conroy, IA
The mare is 356 today, if she is bred.

Most of the pictures are from 2 weeks ago, but one that is a close-up shot of her udder from behind is from this AM.

This mare stare makes you a little crazy. Until 2 months ago I wasn't sure she was pregnant. Then I was SURE. Now at 356 days, I wonder again. (I know, test next time!)

But she wouldn't have an udder like that if she wasn't pregnant, would she? Unless of course it's a false pregnancy. She is a maiden and I swear she had "nothing" for an udder before. But I didn't take any pictures of her udder then so I don't know!

Thanks to the nice people who've already given me their input. So far folks think she's preggers, or if not actually pregnant than a false pregnancy.

I think I'll torture myself a few more days and then if no baby tell the vet to come on out and get the professional opinion. Around day 300 she thought she was bred and just starting udder development. She hasn't seen her since then.

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