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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
can one use that on all white places ie..his white belly band and tail spot? He's B/W pinto you know..

I got some for his 4 white legs, so is it wash, rinse, apply the white Minx, leave 5 minutes rinse?Will it hurt the black areas if it runs there while rinsing?

The heat is back!! to be 90's and humid next 3/4 days! I will perish! No A/C except in bedroom..fair starts next Saturday..please God have hte heat break by then..hey I live in Northern Michigan cause it's cool there! That's why we turned left out of the driveway instead of right to Fla for retirement!

(Funny the name of this stuff being white Minx..that's ben my nickname since birth 63 yrs ago. ANd my twin sister's nickname is Midge. (SHort for Marjory)

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