A follow up to Bonnie's reading

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Dec 24, 2002
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My problem with Kilroy was that he wouldn't back up. With his halter , I could "force" him to back up by leaning into him and telling him to back. I would have to give him constant pressure and then he would very reluctantly take a step or two back.

After Bonnie's reading, I can walk into his stall, step in front of him and gently ask him to Back.....he starts moving backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!
No halter, no stress. I have given him a treat or two like Bonnie suggested. I didn't the first couple of times. I just gave him his favorite scratches. He liked that too!

If you have a concern, I'd highly recommend Bonnie. When I get some extra $$ again, I have a couple more I want her to talk to.