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  1. J

    purchasing colt, weaned at 9 weeks failure to thrive & lameness! Advice welcome!!

    Hi there! I have owned and been around horses all my life but have never worked with or owned a weanling, this will be my first time. I do not know much about weaning...but the lady I am purchasing my colt from has already weaned the colt at 9weeks old?! From what I have read, that is much too...
  2. Danielleee

    Weaning Question

    While everyone is having brand new precious babies (which i am super jealous of) I am weaning lol. I'm just wondering how long you usually leave the babies separated like when do you personally let them go back in with the entire heard including their moms. I'm sure I'll get different answers...
  3. targetsmom

    Who is weaning foals now and how is it going?

    We separated our mares and foals yesterday morning with the foals at just over 4 months. They two foals were born two days apart on May 1 and May 3 and this week was convenient for us, as we don't have any horse shows for the next couple of weeks. Lots of crying, and owner stress, but so far...