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    Accessories For Sale Frey Sprint for VSE/Small Pony

    Selling my Frey Sprint cart. I got it to show my Shetland cross but just don’t have the time, sticking to trails and fun for now! Will work out trade for a hyperbike with C shafts or a K-cart or Vanderveen cart. Otherwise asking $3k obo. In great shape, barely used, has added rack on the back...
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    Hickory Knoll CDE, Big boost for minis/vse's and a small brag

    You can never underestimate what a mini/vse can do. We just got back from Hickory Knoll CDE in Wisconsin. Shay (my mini/VSE) has been competing at Prelim level. However, they don't offer Prelim level to VSE's only training level. which means if I wanted to run prelim, he had to run as a...