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  1. polly

    Suggestions for fixing up our trailer!

    We recently acquired this little trailer from a guy off Craiglist. He told us the original owner built it and used it to haul show hogs. My little Peanut is half cryptorchid so we need to get him to the vet to be gelded - it's about a 40 minute drive. I'm planning on putting stall mats on the...
  2. Cupcake

    How much room does a mini need in a trailer? Trying to prevent "turnaround".

    I just bought a 2 H bumper pull slant load with a tack room up front and a solid divider wall between tack area and back. It's brand new and I got it with the intent to load my mini in the tack area - keep reading before you throw your hands up in shock. I'm aware that most people would say this...