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  1. M

    Accessories For Sale Frey Sprint for VSE/Small Pony

    Selling my Frey Sprint cart. I got it to show my Shetland cross but just don’t have the time, sticking to trails and fun for now! Will work out trade for a hyperbike with C shafts or a K-cart or Vanderveen cart. Otherwise asking $3k obo. In great shape, barely used, has added rack on the back...
  2. Katie1122

    Help with Shetland pony pricing

    I have a registered American Shetland pony Colt but I don't know how much to sell for how much do they usually go for in Texas anyone know please help
  3. 52Easter Major

    52Easter Major

    Bred by Bunch and Millie Jeans, Loma Alto Easter Major served as Greaves Pony Farm's main stallion for the first few years of the 1950s.
  4. 50tony50x


    1950 Greaves Pony Farm, Lamesa, Texas, had two pony rides. One in Lamesa in front of the Sky Vue Drive In Theater and one in Big Spring.  
  5. H

    Anyone know '' littlewitty harlequin'' ? looking for info

    hello looking for information or the breeder of a littlewitty harlequin.
  6. PintoPippin

    Anyone recognize this pony??? Registration possibility and opinions..

    Hello everyone! I am brand new to the world of small equines.. I have had big horses all my life, but recently purchased my first shetland; tipping my hat to my Scottish heritage. He is an absolute joy to own, and a great asset to my small lesson program. I am looking for information about his...