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  1. MiniHearts

    Austin City Limits - Shetland Pony Stallion - AMHR/ASPC

    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone has any information on a Shetland Pony stallion name Austin City Limits. His sire is Rudolphs Fannie's Little Tex and Dam is RL Bed Bees Doll. I have a mare who is a daughter (D&S Moma's Pretty Sure) of his and I'd love to get some info and/or pictures of...
  2. Debby - LB

    Post/Share your 2015 Shetland and cross foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    Annual LB Shetland Pony, Show Pony, Performance Pony, AMHR/ASPC, American Hackney Foaling Announcements! We all love to see your foals each year! Please post your 2015 foal announcements along with photos/videos here so we can all see them!
  3. Debby - LB

    67th Annual Shetland Pony Club Congress - LIVE FEED - Watch Here!

    67th Annual Shetland Pony Club Congress July 9-13 2013 CLICK HERE TO VIEW LIVE STREAM LBI Forums MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO VIEW LIVE STREAM AND CHAT If you choose to watch it via the second link you can chat with your friends while watching! Congratulations to all Thank you for Watching this...
  4. cowgyrlcop

    Attention Washington,Oregon, and California! Looking for Shetland Ponies by "CS Chocolate Chip"

    Hello Everyone! A Little over a year ago we rescued a Shetland Pony Stallion named "CS Chocolate Chip". He was bred and raised in Washington State. A Lot of his foals from 2004, 2005, and 2006 carry the Eagle Ridge title in their name. I am trying to find any information on this pony and his...