pregnant how far along.

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  1. Pitter Patter

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    Just purchased this little girl a couple of weeks ago. Previous owner wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not. Watched her eating this morning and could swear I saw movement, but is it only wishful thinking? I can't yet get a picture of her udder or her vulva because she kicks anytime I show...
  2. A

    Pregnant or not?

    Hey All, so a little back story.. I bought my toddler a pony this last July 2018 with the possibility of her being bred (they said she is). She is aged to be around 13, no idea if she’s been bred before or not. She was exposed from last winter (February) till the beginning of summer (June). Do...
  3. Country Hills Miniatures

    New minis. And pregnant?

    Here is a post I started in the wrong place. So I moved it here. (I'm new here). I recently bought 3 new minis. 2 girls and 1 stallion. There previous owner passed away and info was not available as to if or when the girls were bred. One does look preg. The other not so much. The P.A. said they...