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  1. Debby - LB

    Sharing your photos on the forum

    For users of Photobucket I found out something this week that I didn't know (wish I still didn't) ... I started reading and now I see discussion all over the internet as photos are being removed. If you'll go to your Photobucket account look up at the top and you'll see the words WE HAVE UPDATED...
  2. MiniHearts

    Anyone know or have pictures of these Mini's?

    Looking for anyone who may know a little about or have some pictures of any of the horses listed below: * NFC Dandy's Dynamic * Double B Farms Paint The Town * Little Kings Chayenne * FMA War Paint * Ohios Nancy Brown * Bond Counterpoint * Komokos Wee Willy * Komokos Dream Girl * Ellis...
  3. hsrascal

    Quality enough for AMHA shows?

    My aunt has taken special interest in showing our yearling miniature since she is no longer healthy enough to ride and show her mare. I told her to take him to a few open shows for the experience, but she is really begging to take him to the AMHA show in April. The show is over 2 hours away and...