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  1. Debby - LB

    Sharing your photos on the forum

    For users of Photobucket I found out something this week that I didn't know (wish I still didn't) ... I started reading and now I see discussion all over the internet as photos are being removed. If you'll go to your Photobucket account look up at the top and you'll see the words WE HAVE UPDATED...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Searching for Horse Photos

    I'm searching for pictures of one of my horses dam. Her name is Knutson Scouts Honey Spots. Her number is 212983A she is 33 inches tall and is her color is said to be palomino and white. I'd love to see some pictures of her!!
  3. wolfcountry

    Alisha514 Pictures of Rangerett!!!

    Hi! I don't know if you are still on here Alisha, but I was looking for something and came across your post. I own Flying W Farms Blues Rangerett. She is now 28 and gave me a stunning look alike filly just 3 years ago. She is the sweetest, and most spoiled lady on the farm and has a forever home...
  4. Sheryll

    Horse Neck Sashes (or Breastcollars)

    My friend, Tami, and I (aka Elegant Creations) are making beautiful neck sashes (or breastcollars) for miniature horses for photo shoots, parades or for whenever you would like to dress up your favorite little horse for something special. We also make coordinating decorative halters to go with...