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  1. Lil Achers Mirage

    Pedigree help

    Has anyone heard of the horses in this pedigree? also does anyone have photos of world of miniatures rebel?
  2. kevin27

    Would like some help with a registration & pedigree lookup

    I would like some help looking up a pedigree, part of a puzzle we're trying to solve I'm new to this, and have not registered for a membership/subscription to one of those services. I'd much prefer to communicate the details with a PM instead of publicly here. thank you !!
  3. MiniHearts

    Anyone know or have pictures of these Mini's?

    Looking for anyone who may know a little about or have some pictures of any of the horses listed below: * NFC Dandy's Dynamic * Double B Farms Paint The Town * Little Kings Chayenne * FMA War Paint * Ohios Nancy Brown * Bond Counterpoint * Komokos Wee Willy * Komokos Dream Girl * Ellis...
  4. wolfcountry

    Alisha514 Pictures of Rangerett!!!

    Hi! I don't know if you are still on here Alisha, but I was looking for something and came across your post. I own Flying W Farms Blues Rangerett. She is now 28 and gave me a stunning look alike filly just 3 years ago. She is the sweetest, and most spoiled lady on the farm and has a forever home...