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  1. kevin27

    Would like some help with a registration & pedigree lookup

    I would like some help looking up a pedigree, part of a puzzle we're trying to solve I'm new to this, and have not registered for a membership/subscription to one of those services. I'd much prefer to communicate the details with a PM instead of publicly here. thank you !!
  2. MiniHearts

    Anyone know or have pictures of these Mini's?

    Looking for anyone who may know a little about or have some pictures of any of the horses listed below: * NFC Dandy's Dynamic * Double B Farms Paint The Town * Little Kings Chayenne * FMA War Paint * Ohios Nancy Brown * Bond Counterpoint * Komokos Wee Willy * Komokos Dream Girl * Ellis...
  3. wolfcountry

    Alisha514 Pictures of Rangerett!!!

    Hi! I don't know if you are still on here Alisha, but I was looking for something and came across your post. I own Flying W Farms Blues Rangerett. She is now 28 and gave me a stunning look alike filly just 3 years ago. She is the sweetest, and most spoiled lady on the farm and has a forever home...