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  1. Lepeppylass

    Hello Again! It's been a while! Are my girls too chubby?

    Hi everyone! I was on here earlier this year when I bought my old lady Lass, who was exposed to a stallion and then had a false pregnancy. I myself was pregnant at the time, and relieved to not have to foal out a mare when I myself was 9 months along! Now I'm a stay at home mom to my cutie son...
  2. countrymini

    My Little Podge

    When I got this little man he was a real fatty. Poor Wazza After almost four months later of mild exercise and changing his diet he's now starting to look like the little horse I knew was inside. I just can't wait till he sheds his winter jacket to see what he looks like then.
  3. Jade10

    Pregnant mare too fat??

    I need some help. My mare is 6 months pregnant and looks to me like she is overweight. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make her lose some weight, so shes healthier, without affecting the baby? She is in the pasture all day and gets locked up at night, so all she eats is grass. (sorry...