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  1. Dragon Hill

    Does anybody here drive off road?

    I want to be able to drive on my trail down through the woods. That means up and down hills, through/around trees, over roots, dips, uneven ground. I have a Hyperbike. I'm still working on stand and on back. She walks, trots, and canters over uneven ground and uphill. Walks downhill. Her...
  2. RescueMini

    Ideas for Obstacle Trail

    I'm planning on going to my first AMHR and AMHA shows this spring and summer and I am coming up with a list of obstacles to practice in preparation for Obstacle Trail. I have all of the basics obstacles and maneuvers written down; it's basically all of the stuff I have encountered at the local...
  3. lcwallis

    Obstacle Folks.... Help! LOL

    OK, so I want to train my gelding for Obstacle.. I get him out, look at him for about 5 min thinking "How do we sidepass?" uhhhh, no clue.. Next... Ok "How do we learn to pivot", I stare at him, then put him up! LOL Help, any tips on training a horse to sidepass and pivot would be greatly...
  4. lightfootsgrandmaverick

    What to Wear for Pinto World Show

    Hi, I am planning on showing my miniature pinto at the Pinto World next year, but I am not sure what to wear. I am going to enter the Open Halter Geldings, Miniature, 34 & Under, 3 & Over; the Youth Pleasure Driving, Pony/Mini/B Mini; the Open Trail-In-Hand, Miniature; and either the Open Hunter...
  5. Rebel and Stephanie

    Rebel and Stephanie

    This is my 6yr old cousin Stephanie dragging her horse Rebel around the obstacle course. She is SUPER confident with Rebel and shes only been around horses for months.