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  1. Pony.Mom

    What do your ponies get for feed each day?

    Just wondering what everyone feeds their ponies. I feed my two mini mares Purina Elevate 2x a day plus Valley Flaxseed. They get 1 cup of Elevate and 1/3 cup of Flaxseed a day. But also thinking of adding this to their feed as well has anyone else used it and how much do you give?
  2. MiniHearts

    Anyone know or have pictures of these Mini's?

    Looking for anyone who may know a little about or have some pictures of any of the horses listed below: * NFC Dandy's Dynamic * Double B Farms Paint The Town * Little Kings Chayenne * FMA War Paint * Ohios Nancy Brown * Bond Counterpoint * Komokos Wee Willy * Komokos Dream Girl * Ellis...
  3. SHANA

    SPH Miniatures is pleased to announce the arrival of their first three foals of the season

    I am happy to announce that our first 3 foals of 2013 have arrived safely. On April 17 I had a filly, on April 23 I had a filly and on April 25 I had a filly. The third filly came out a splashed white pinto out of a bay stallion and a grey appaloosa mare. This is the 2nd pinto foal for my bay...