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  1. lcwallis

    Miniature Horse and Donkey Auction

    There are no auctions anymore that I know of, Just curious if there is enough interest to have one.
  2. Minifoal

    Filly has a Rash on her Nose?

    Hello, I wanted to see if this is normal or should I treat it with something gentle? My filly born Aug. 7th., who we have named Sky has developed what I would call a rash on her nose. It's not visible in photos, so not bad, but I don't want it to get bad. I was told to put Tea Tree Oil on it...
  3. Minifoal

    Foal Care Advice

    Our mare just foaled a gorgeous little appy filly. It is trying to eat her feed at 3 days old so I am putting her feed in a trough so she can't reach it. I have care questions & would appreciate your help. 1) When is it ok to let her eat pellet feed with her Dam or when do I feed her in her...
  4. Minifoal

    The "SKY" is the limit!

    We are sooo excited about our new filly. Our Mini Mare Twilight had a real beauty! Not sure how to word what kind of Appy she is, but I do know she's black with lots of spots & the cutest blaze...LOL Think we are going to call her Sky. She's going to be triple registered because her sire is...
  5. miss_ruby

    colour/markings question?

    I bought a 4/5 year old mare a few months ago, and she was a rescue so I don't have much background information on her, for example her parents which would help with this colour situation. When I bought her she still had her winter coat so these lighter markings did not show. However since her...
  6. Gone_Riding

    Shaving the mini for showing

    I'm from Washington state, in the US. I was wondering, does anyone shows their mini without shaving them? I don't have the resources nor the know-how to shave mine. Does an unshaved mini have a chance at the shows? My girl has a VERY dense coat that I have to brush with an actual hairbrush...
  7. A

    Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism in the Miniature Horse

    As promised when I finished my thesis I would let the Lilbeginnings be notifies for all those that helped and showed interest. I am presently working on the paper to be submitted to a peer reviewed magazine. Should be done shortly. Until then you can read the pdf from the UK library. The...
  8. Gone_Riding

    Heat while pregnant?

    How common is it for a mare to come into heat while pregnant? Like the month following first time bred. My mare is definitely pregnant, but she's showing signs early. Her mom normally carried late and only took one time breeding every time, so I don't know if my girl's early or on time. She...
  9. KingsLuckyNight

    Few questions??

    Finally brought my baby home today!! >.> I actually stuck him in the back of my car and drove him home. I only lived like 1/2 a mile down the road. We made a tiny paddock for him and he's got a barn/calf barn to keep warm in. I have him in there as of now so the other horses can get used to...
  10. april

    Introduction New Member

    Hi Everyone. My name is Chris, my user name is actually April which is my mini mare. I am a wildlife rehabilitator and a business owner. I used to raise Quarter Horses, show, and breeding. My last Quarter Horse died of old age of 32 four years ago, she was born and raised on my farm. I was...