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  1. Sandra Ericson

    Everything You Need to Know About Mini Horses

    Everyone knows that miniature is better. There are mini cupcakes, mini gingerbread houses, mini champagnes—the list goes on. Bite-size versions of our favorite food and drink are not alone though; this love proclamation of all things tiny holds true with animals, too. And so we say just two...
  2. polly

    How to transport my 7 month old mini

    My mini is 7 months old, 6H and about 75 pounds and it's time for me to bring him from Dallas to Houston (about a 5 hour drive). I don't have a mini trailer. The breeder tells me it would be okay to put him in the back of our Jeep Rubicon or even the Ford Taures but it doesn't seem like it...
  3. color of fall

    color of fall

  4. Pretty face

    Pretty face

  5. Quality Time

    Quality Time