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  1. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Counting Jumping Strides

    I know that when you jump large horses you walk the course and count your steps between each jump (4 people steps = about 1 horse stride). Can you do anything similar to that with miniatures? How many people strides would equal one mini stride?
  2. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Devil the Flying Mini!

    I found this picture the other day of Devil jumping with a tarp....as you can tell, he didnt know what he was doing!! Jumped WAAAY to early, but i thought the pic was awesome. I love his form over the jump <3 For those probably concerned about what you see, have no fear We dont jump in the...
  3. lightfootsgrandmaverick

    What to Wear for Pinto World Show

    Hi, I am planning on showing my miniature pinto at the Pinto World next year, but I am not sure what to wear. I am going to enter the Open Halter Geldings, Miniature, 34 & Under, 3 & Over; the Youth Pleasure Driving, Pony/Mini/B Mini; the Open Trail-In-Hand, Miniature; and either the Open Hunter...