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  1. A

    Feeding/Diet Regimen & Hay types

    If anyone would be willing to share what they feed their mini. I have a yearling gelding and currently I am feeding - Triple crown lite, beet pulp, and a little bit of aloe, oil, and salt. I'm not sure if there are other options that I should be feeding him. If you could include the rate at...
  2. Kelsianne


    Hi, Our mini horse is very skinny even though we feed her plenty. She doesn't always finish her food, and has had diarrhea on and off for the past month. (Right now she's fine though) She's up-to-date on worming, so I have no idea why she's so skinny. She's had colic several times before and...
  3. Field-of-Dreams

    What DO you feed?

    Ok, after reading so many posts for a while, what DO you actually feed? Brand: Price: Amount you feed: Type hay: How much you feed: Price: Just curious, what to get an idea of what most of you feed.
  4. Jens

    Is 1st or 2nd cut hay better for mini's?

    We just bought our hay for the winter and was told it was 1st cut. We bought it for $4 a bail and he sells 2nd cut for $5 a bail which was sold out. Is 2nd cut finer? Some of the hay we got was very coarse and I worry if the mini's will be okay eating it. What cut do you buy?