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  1. Tab

    The miracle of grass!

    Just last month we got the rest of our property pastured in and the hooves have improved on all, already, and the two oldest in my herd are now in perfect shape going into winter! Gradually had everyone on 2 hours per day per set. Mares then males! Just wanted to encourage those of you who do...
  2. Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Help! How do I get my Miniature Horse to stop eating grass and work?

    My horse, Oatmeal Acres Dandy's Shadow Caster, (pictured below) can't stop eating grass! Even if I take him outside (when the snow is off the ground ) with a chain, tight lead, he grabs down and eats and I've pulled him up so many times but he never will listen. If I lounge him he completely...