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  1. Erickson Miniature Horses

    (Poll) Graining Miniature Horses

    Please take a few minutes of your time to answer this poll about graining miniature horses. I hope it will help people that are new to miniature horses form a feeding program. If you have any thing specific you would like to add about your graining program or an answer to a question that...
  2. lilnickers

    Nutrena Feeds, a good choice?

    I have been feeding Agway Superior 12% to my minis for years and years and I have never had any issues. They look good, and are happy year round. Well, Agway just discontinued this line and will now carry Nutrena Feeds. I would like others' opinions on whether I should switch or travel farther...
  3. Field-of-Dreams

    What DO you feed?

    Ok, after reading so many posts for a while, what DO you actually feed? Brand: Price: Amount you feed: Type hay: How much you feed: Price: Just curious, what to get an idea of what most of you feed.