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  1. REO

    LB Find the foals game!

    Welcome everyone to the official thread of our LB bi-monthly contest! Are we ready to have some FUN??? For August, help the momma mares find their two lost foals and you will win a prize! The generous sponsor for this months "GRAND PRIZE" winner is: Lois Simons...
  2. REO


    Spring has (Mostly!) sprung and it's time to go fishing again!!! There are 100 fish this month! Hello Everyone.. This is the official thread of the monthly Contest! Are we ready to have some FUN??? Catch that special fish and you will win a prize! Here is HOW TO PLAY! Read carefully. 3...
  3. REO


    Here it is SO close to Valentine's Day! Poor Cupid has been working over time! His job isn't yet finished and he has 100 more hearts he needs to shoot with Love arrows! Alas! His quiver is empty, he's out of arrows and he needs your help! THREE of those 100 hearts has a prize attached! Shoot...