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  1. krlindstrom

    High blood sugar

    I have a mini/shetland cross and she has been having problems with her feet over the past year. I have had the vet take several rounds of xrays to keep track of what is going on. She put her on thyroid med but that hasn't helped. We keep her off the green grass, but I hate to keep her cooped...
  2. T

    Not eating or drinking

    We're worried about our little mini mare. Since it is warming up in south Texas, my dh put her out for an hour to eat green grass (I didn't know). I don't know if she ate something weird or just ate too much green grass for a first time of the season, but she did not eat last night or this...
  3. trickhorses

    Are these drugs safe for foundered minis?

    Has anyone given their mini horse Doxyclycline for founder? My 19 yr old mini mare pulled her stifle muscles which caused her to tie up which then caused her to mildly founder in the front. The vet said it is not that bad and she should recover fine. We put foam on her feet and wrapped them and...