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  1. B

    mini fencing

    Im wanting to redo or actually build a new fence for my two minis. Im just curious as to how high everyone is going? My plan is 4x4 wood posts and either 1x4 or 1x6 rails. Im thinking if i use 1x4 i would space them 12 inches apart. With three rails i would be 48 inches tall. Im not worried...
  2. Tess

    Miniature Horse Keeping Questions

    Hi, I was wondering if I can use 4ft high cattle fence that have 2" by 4" rectangles and not electrify it? Do I need to put electric tape on the top and bottom of the fence? I have wood posts about 8' apart. Also, What is a nice food and water container for a miniature horse? I am planing to...
  3. MrsCaptain

    Help with fencing question

    Hi, I purchased two weanling colts last fall who are doing wonderfully. Right now they are in board 2x3 fencing 4 foot high. This summer I had planned on turning them out on a pasture my goats "made". I use premier electric mesh fencing for my goats. I was wondering whats your opinion on...