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  1. G

    Triple Crown Safe Starch

    We just picked up our mini today! Currently haven't got to measure or weigh him for exact measurements. But he's around 37". I know minis are extremely vulnerable to starches and sugars. I don't necessarily want to feed him pellets for this reason. I found the triple crown at my local TSC and...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    (Poll) Graining Miniature Horses

    Please take a few minutes of your time to answer this poll about graining miniature horses. I hope it will help people that are new to miniature horses form a feeding program. If you have any thing specific you would like to add about your graining program or an answer to a question that...
  3. Q

    Feeding The Senior Horse

    I have some questions about feeding a senior mini forage. The vet wants me to start getting him used to soaked hay, pellets, cubes or another "hay subsitute" (because his back teeth are getting pretty low and he possibly has dust allergies). I've tried feeding him soaked hay for several years...
  4. MeganH

    Feeding and preparing yearling for showing

    I have been reading posts on all the different feeds and such everyone uses for their horses. I am wanting to get my yearling in shape to go to some local shows. As a weanling he always had a belly, but after the grass came back in this year and we had him gelded his belly is not quite as...
  5. Jens

    Curious what everyone feeds

    Hello, We have had our 2 adopted rescue mini's for about a month now and they are doing so great! They already look so much better and have gained some weight! They are both eating (each), a flake of hay and 4 1/2 cups dried alfalpha cubes then soaked twice a day. That's the refeeding program...