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  1. Stripe13

    Pregnant, fat, both?

    Hey everyone! I work for a lovely woman with her two minis, and we have come to the conclusion one of her minis may be pregnant. She got Fancy about 8 months ago from a breeder who had a mini stud on the property, but they said that Fancy hadn’t been exposed to him (at least in their knowledge)...
  2. A

    Pregnant or not?

    Hey All, so a little back story.. I bought my toddler a pony this last July 2018 with the possibility of her being bred (they said she is). She is aged to be around 13, no idea if she’s been bred before or not. She was exposed from last winter (February) till the beginning of summer (June). Do...
  3. countrymini

    My Little Podge

    When I got this little man he was a real fatty. Poor Wazza After almost four months later of mild exercise and changing his diet he's now starting to look like the little horse I knew was inside. I just can't wait till he sheds his winter jacket to see what he looks like then.