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  1. anoki

    Moxie the birthday dog

    Happy happy barkday to my Moxie!!! Today she turns 11 years old….never dreamed when I brought her home that this is the journey we would have taken, but what a ride it has been!! I know there are still some on here that remember me getting her…and have followed her….and some that have been...
  2. anoki

    Next generation of Esrohollow Cardigans

    The next generation of Esrohollow Cardigan Corgis arrived on Good Friday!! Good Friday is a holiday here in Canada.....nothing is open! Aaaanndddd of course we needed to see the vet but everyone arrived safe and sound, and mama Twizzler is ok too. 4 BIG puppies, 3 girls (2 brindle, 1...