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    Dwarfism or not?

    Hi! I became a owner of this wonderful Falabella x shetland pony this January. Now he has always had a round belly.. and since he is a 75% falabella 25% shetland i find that very strange as both breeds when on healthy weight don't have big belly's. Even on his foal picture he has a round belly &...
  2. A

    Pathological Research on D2 dwarfism

    Hello All, This is John Eberth. I am the person that discovered the dwarf mutations. I am working on pathological descriptions for the different mutations. I am here in need of help locating any breeders willing to donate dwarfs for pathological exams. I would prefer to have term still born...
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    Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism in the Miniature Horse

    As promised when I finished my thesis I would let the Lilbeginnings be notifies for all those that helped and showed interest. I am presently working on the paper to be submitted to a peer reviewed magazine. Should be done shortly. Until then you can read the pdf from the UK library. The...