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  1. R

    Pair leaning in opposite directions.

    Hi, I’m new here, but I was hoping someone could help me solve the problem I’m having with my driving pair. They’re full brothers, typically very well behaved, who have always been driven together for years. Previously, they did so without issue, whatsoever- they were perfect. However...
  2. xrdh

    Driving Trained Class B Mini

    I'm looking for an experienced driving mini 36" to 39" tall. Safe and sane. Doesn't need to be registered or show quality. Experience driving out in the woods (outside of an arena) a plus. I live in NE Washington state and offer a beautiful and safe home with driving experience and lots of room...
  3. bunni1900


    HELP! I am looking for the best TRAIL cart to start my mini with. I am at a loss! I will have to save up no matter what but I really need some help! Any and all input is appreciated!
  4. bunni1900

    Help choosing the right cart!

    I have a 30" mare who I am training to drive. I am looking to get her a cart but don't know what measurements will be right for her. Her blanket size is 40" and she has a pretty decent stride. She is a little stocky, has good muscle and a great build. I want to save up for a trail cart for her...