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  1. anoki

    Next generation of Esrohollow Cardigans

    The next generation of Esrohollow Cardigan Corgis arrived on Good Friday!! Good Friday is a holiday here in Canada.....nothing is open! Aaaanndddd of course we needed to see the vet but everyone arrived safe and sound, and mama Twizzler is ok too. 4 BIG puppies, 3 girls (2 brindle, 1...
  2. paintponylvr

    THANX - to all the animal rescuers and Foster homes!!!

    Just have to say THANX to anyone who gives of their time, patience, love and finances to either foster or adopt rescued animals!! ********** VERY LONG ********** I now work for a low cost spay/neuter clinic. On one doctor days ( usually - 2/week) - we schedule 35 spays and neuters - spread...