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  1. Magic Marker Minis

    This Year's Babies - almost 5 months later

    Presenting our babies almost 5 months later... Desi was the 'monster' baby that I was dissing when she was born... I stand corrected... She has turned out to be an incredible looking filly... But, she still is going to be tall (at least 'tall' for my liking)... She'll probably top out at 33"...
  2. Diva


    Diva loves getting her picture taken and will often come right up to the camera to check it out. She is very sweet and curious.
  3. Stormy Nite Diva's Delite

    Stormy Nite Diva's Delite

    Diva is wearing her red feathers that I got for her, isn't she just the cutest?