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  1. T

    Considering a Miniature Horse

    I'm looking at purchasing a Miniature Horse, primarily as a companion for my Appy Endurance Gelding. However as I'm not very familiar with them I was wondering if you lovely folks might be able to answer a few questions for me. While the new arrivals primary job is to be a companion I would...
  2. supaspot

    show quality but at what level?

    I know Bliss is nice but is she good enough to warrant the expense of travelling to the Uk to show ? , she is my favourite but I want to know what others think of her and to be sure Im not seeing through rose coloured glasses lol so would anyone like to give me a critque of my yearling filly...
  3. ~Amanda~

    Driving Conformation

    I'm looking to learn more about driving conformation, specifically in terms of miniature horses. Most sites I can find that detail 'proper' conformation are geared toward riding: hunters, jumpers, cutting, etc. I haven't had much luck finding out what makes ideal conformation for a...