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  1. T

    Not eating or drinking

    We're worried about our little mini mare. Since it is warming up in south Texas, my dh put her out for an hour to eat green grass (I didn't know). I don't know if she ate something weird or just ate too much green grass for a first time of the season, but she did not eat last night or this...
  2. candycar

    Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers

    I am at my wits end. My little RockE (8yo geld) is having regular bouts of colic. Mild to severe. Have had many vets out. He's been tubed and oiled a couple of times. Had one impaction in 2016 (that probably started it all). We have even taken him 100 mi to Rood & Riddle in Lexington KY...
  3. Dreamer

    Colic prone horse, need help- (long post)

    I have a horse I have owned a little over 2 years now and he is colic prone. Never had a horse colic as much as he does. I know sometimes it is us as owners who can cause our horses to colic and while I may be doing something wrong(and not know it) it is not all just me. I had a biggie dressage...
  4. Kelsianne


    Hi, Our mini horse is very skinny even though we feed her plenty. She doesn't always finish her food, and has had diarrhea on and off for the past month. (Right now she's fine though) She's up-to-date on worming, so I have no idea why she's so skinny. She's had colic several times before and...
  5. Norah

    warning about Flax seed

    Hi, I am postng this only to help people , and warn them about too much flax seed. At this time of the year i give my horses ground Flax seed, like many of you. I left the bag in the tack -feed room shut the door and went on to clean stalls. My 39 year old Donkey got into the tack room and...