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  1. Bucky grazing

    Bucky grazing

    My little guy grazing on some grass! Love him!
  2. Sunset Bucky

    Sunset Bucky

    What a beautiful sunset and of course Bucky makes it look good too!!
  3. Bucky collage

    Bucky collage

    Made this as my background on my phone when I was reunited with him!
  4. Kisses reuniting

    Kisses reuniting

    This little guy had me worried to death
  5. Reuniting


    When him and I got reunited from his exscape artist ness!
  6. Driving Bucky

    Driving Bucky

    Jonah and I, on our first "test drive"
  7. Making friends

    Making friends

    Alexis my little friend loves Bucky and wanted to walk him, but I couldn't let her!
  8. Me & Bucky-son kisses

    Me & Bucky-son kisses

    Livings for my buddy!
  9. Bucky-son


    This little guy is my world! He is 1 of 4 of my furry-4-legged kids!