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  1. JMS Miniatures

    AMHR/ASPC Cross Enter at SAME SHOW Proposal

    It has been discussed here before and probably should again before Convention. Add or Delete: Add to AMHR; Classic sections AMHR: AMHR horses that are also registered ASPC may show AMHR and ASPC at the same show. ASPC: ASPC horses that are also registered AMHR may show ASPC and AMHR at the...
  2. JMS Miniatures

    AMHR 10 Years and Older Senior Halter Class

    I think this is a interesting proposal and can't wait to see how it will be decided. Section XIII 1.7 PG 9 Add or Delete: Add Veteran stallions, geldings, and mares, age 10 and older may be shown in either Veteran class or the appropriate Aged class. First and second place Veterans are...