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  1. MiniHearts

    Looking for info on this Stallion

    Wondering if anyone can help me. I recently bought a yearling colt and just found out from the previous owner that his sire was registered. I only have one picture to go by and I can see that he was double registered. He was sold at an auction in Ontario, Canada about a year ago. I can also see...
  2. Strangeaddiction

    Halters, Harnesses, Show clothes, Oh my!!

    I posted this in the driving section but thought I might get more traffic/opinions here in this section too as it just inst driving related. This season I plan on showing my OWN mini! I am beginning my search for show "tack". Show harness, show halter for performance and possibly halter classes...
  3. saralynn

    registering Amha/amhr

    Hi all I'm new to owning a mini so you'll have to forgive me for asking what I imagine to be common knowledge: I just recently purchased a 2 year old mini mare with temporary amha papers and the application for amhr. My question is, when she turns 3 and I submit her amha papers for permanent...
  4. bunni1900

    AMHA Hardship

    So I have been hearing that the AMHA might not be closing the books. Does anyone know for sure if we can still hardship or how to find out?????
  5. bunni1900

    AMHA Lookup Please!

    Looking for info (and hopefully a picture or two?) on a stallion named "Happy Times Little Apache Feather" He is an appaloosa??? I think. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  6. M

    amateur regional high point

    I was looking on the AMHA amateur page and noticed that I was on the amateur regional high point list. I'm not sure what this means? It explains that is is an awards program for the one exhibitor and horse combination from each AMHA show. I've never heard of this award and wasn't notified. Is it...
  7. Raine Ranch Minis

    Can someone do a look up for me?

    Pretty please??? For Artys Marty of Daffodil Hill in AMHA. I would like to know all of the foals he has had. Thank you!!!!
  8. Debby - LB

    Oct/Nov. Issue of Miniature Horse World -Enjoy!

    Click cover to View! A big thanks to Melissa Powell for another fabulous issue!!