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  1. Equuisize

    Questions for kitten lovers

    We have an about 5 1/2 week feral kitten that was abandoned by his mom. We've had him since he was about 11 to 12 days old. His mother had him and his litter mates in the bottom of a grass clippings bin on the back of a lawn tractor. On the forth of July she moved everyone, from the very...
  2. Equuisize

    I am rolling over in my mind ..... having 'someone' trained for riding.

    Could I please get some input and suggestions for any of you that have trained minis to ride.... How did you accomplished that? What was the smallest mini you'd use? I think I read one time that there was a conversion for size of mini and a maximum child size that could ride? This is just a...
  3. Equuisize

    Want to share these amazing photos

    I was wandering thru a site on Facebook called Equine Calculator and came across these photos. We're all so fascinated by our foals, their progress and development I thought you might all be as awestruck as I've been. I've stared at them all morning long, in sheer amazement. The photos come...
  4. Equuisize

    Illinois to allow minis as Service Animals

    This article came to my mail box this afternoon. State of Illinois Bill allows miniature horses to be used as Service Animals. You could read the article here. http://www.thehorse....e.aspx?ID=20039
  5. Equuisize

    Picnik photo editing program

    I went to Picnik, this week end, to do some editing on photos of my grandson. They announce when you go in that they are closing the program down on April 19th. The nice part is, if you don't have a paid membership all premium services are free, until they close. I've really enjoyed it's...
  6. Equuisize

    Zakky's first snow storm~Video

    We're not noted for a lot of snow in this part of Western Washington. We've had our share the past 4 years though. Zakky's just about 7 months and this was his humorous introduction to his first snow, yesterday. Hope it makes you giggle. Actually I'm hoping this video posting works, then...
  7. Equuisize

    About Beet Pulp & William

    When you've a moment during the hustle bustle of the next couple days, this is a cute story about Beet Pulp and William, the the Fox Squirrel. http://www.shady-acres.com/susan/squirrel.shtml or My link
  8. Equuisize

    Better ideas for Christmas

    This arrived in my e mail and I thought it especially thoughful. ~~ Christmas 2011 ~~ Birth of a New Tradition   As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide Americans with monstrous piles of cheaply...
  9. Equuisize

    Wanna see what the Berry Fairy FINALLY brought us?!!!

    I'd like to introduce what the berry fairy, FINALLY, brought us after 8 years of waiting. We began this journey with our little 29" American Express son who we call BabyZee. We looked and looked for about 10 months and brought him home a wife, the beautiful Zoe. The dream began. We'd breed...
  10. Equuisize

    Corvallis area?

    My friend is taking her mini girl to Oregon State Vet school for some tests. They are hauling her companion with them to keep her calm and quiet. Anyone in the Corvallis area know of someplace they could off load the companion horse during the time it will take to run the tests? I was...
  11. Equuisize

    Thank you visiting officers to the Lakewood

    Thank you to all the visiting police officers from all across the United States and the 1000 RCMP that came to pay their respects, today, for our 4 fallen police officers. It was the most achingly beautiful show of respect A beautiful memorial that hopefully will help aid the grief and...
  12. Equuisize

    Color results from UCDavis

    UCDavis did a quick turn around on Zoe's color testing. I have the results back and have to say I'm amazed and confused at the same time. As a foal, her AMHA registration was returned to her breeder saying she was a palomino not a chestunut/sorrel. She is registered as such. The more I've...
  13. Equuisize

    Bugs in water trough

    For the past week we've had little tiny bitty bugs in the kids water trough. They aren't there first thing in the morning, when it cool out yet, but appear quite quickly once the temps warm up. It's been way above normal temps for us for several weeks now. It's a light green 35 gallon...
  14. Equuisize

    !!Someone special is celebrating her

    Happy Happy Birthday Cheyenne! Savor your day. Hope it is 1/10th as special as you are to me. Love and {{HUGS}} Me
  15. Equuisize

    Love is in the air

    I consider myself a pretty pragmatic person, sensible, logical, user of common sense. My qualifer is, except when it comes to my critters. I'm just loopy about them I am notorious for wanting to attribute human emotions and characteristics to them. I'd love to know what they are thinking...
  16. Equuisize

    Merry Christmas from us to you

    ~~Michael, I and all the critters wish each of you a wonderful holiday~~
  17. Equuisize

    Feed coupons

    I have 3 Purina Horse Feed coupons if anyone could use them. 2 are for Purina Equine Senior and offers $10 off on the purchase of 2 bags. 1 is for any Purina horse feed product, the offer is $15 off on the purchase of two bags. I also have a coupon for $5 off a bag of Calf Manna. All coupons...
  18. Equuisize

    registry photo ??'s

    Can any of you color experts explain the pale shading, that appears to give Zita, white around her coronet bands? In person, it is not white, it is like a very blond/buff color. Her hoofs are black except for the left rear which has two white stripes, even though I've tried to find some...
  19. Equuisize

    Mares and weaning

    I may have mentioned a time or two that I hate weaning. I put if off and put it off. Zoolii, born last August, is 8 months old today and we just started weaning her 10 days ago. Zoe is not rebred for this season as we felt she needed a year off after having 4 babies in 4 years. Zoe is...
  20. Equuisize

    Meet the new girl in our neighborhood

    We've had our new girl home for 18 days now and she is such a good fit to our herd......The Sisters were a bit miffed, at first, but have adjusted nicely. I want to thank Jessica Matheson of Spirit Thunder in Idaho for letting her come live with us and Mindy Schroder of LadyBug Farm in...