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    Hi thanks for having me

    Welcome. Nice looking Mini you have. I love seeing photos.
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    Some photos

    That is a beautiful photo, and that is one beautiful mini horse.
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    He's cute and what you are doing for him will help him all his life.
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    The software was updated 6/8/20

    Oh yes, there are a bunch of emojis, and those reactions are fun.
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    The software was updated 6/8/20

    You will need to reset your preferences for opting out of the ads, that software link was broken and needs to be reset. Also, all the threads that went to the first unread post will need to be reset again and then it will work as it did before.
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    The software was updated 6/8/20

    The software was updated overnight. The Watched Forum is now on the forum blue bar on the right side. There is now a blank line above the threads in a forum, you can click on that to start a new thread.
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    Anybody visit nursing homes with their Minis?

    @Marsha Cassada have you been told not to visit nursing homes during this C-19 virus? I know my Mom recently went into a nursing home and it's very much locked down.
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    Anybody visit nursing homes with their Minis?

    I just love seeing your visits to the nursing homes. The residents look so happy to see him.
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    I never knew a horse could have a moustache. Thanks for the picture showing it.
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    2020 projects

    I'm crocheting on two afghans, same pattern, different yarn. I'll have to get photos to show you as I rather like the looks of them. I really like those pot holders. Those are always useful.
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    Susan and Missy, new kids on the block.

    Welcome to the forum, and Missy is really nice looking.
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    Merry Christmas!!

    I love the photos. Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you, and the reindeer good to your horses.
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    Christmas pictures of horses, barns and parades

    He favors one of Santa's reindeer with that halter. So cute.
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    2019 projects

    That is so nice. You could leave it up all year. And I do like your porch.
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    Some photos

    They are so cute. I love seeing them with their hats on.
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    2019 projects

    @Marsha Cassada Is that Star of Bethlehem made from fabric or wood sections?
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    October - any special fall festivals or Halloween plans?

    Oh, I love these photos. That Pink Elephant would be great outside a bar.
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    October - any special fall festivals or Halloween plans?

    @Marsha Cassada That is so neat. And I like your strawberry table with the chocolate strawberries coming for them. About how many tables will there be?
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    Learning about harness

    Ladies, I'm closing this thread as it just needs to go to the bottom of the threads. Sorry it's a disagreement.
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    Electric bicycle

    That is really neat. I cannot imagine using one where I am. But I love the idea of it. You will have to tell us more about your adventures. Please.