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  1. sedeh

    100 Minis Confiscated and in Need of Help

    Unfortunately this breeder has been in our county for a long time and it's not the first time her animals have been confiscated. She gets most of them back and moves to a new location and starts all over. She has been known to just let the dead animals lie in the field to rot. I agree that the...
  2. sedeh

    Question for people who breed....

    This year I made the decision to stop breeding. The market has been so soft and my mini numbers were at an uncomfortable number for me. I do love the babies but I really hate selling my horses. I've actually added to my number because I took back one of my minis when the new owner ran into...
  3. sedeh

    slow hay feeders

    I have used the busy snackers for a few years now. They've been pretty indestructable for me. However I don't know if they slow their feeding down as much as some of the others. My guys learn pretty quickly how to eat from them. I still like them better than just loose feeding and they're great...
  4. sedeh

    New to Lil'Beginnings

    Hi and welcome from Southern Oregon!!
  5. sedeh

    New arena for training

    I'm very jealous! Just what I would like to have. Congratulations!!
  6. sedeh

    Willow Roc is finished- We went out with a beauty...

    Congratulations!! :yeah She's beautiful!
  7. sedeh

    Reaction to Sand Clear?? Or why not eating???

    Mary I have no idea what is going on with your minis!! Now Princess....come on! All I can say is she'd better knock it off because her mom doesn't need any extra stress! Try the grain without Sand Clear in it and see if she'll eat that.
  8. sedeh

    Breeding minis

    I've been a mini breeder on a small scale for a few years now. But I find it gets in the way of my showing which I really enjoy so I am breeding one mare for a foal next year and then I'll be done with breeding! I want to keep a few that will be my show horses and the rest will be sold or turned...
  9. sedeh

    What type of shows do you show at?

    I show Pinto which I really enjoy. I also like to support our local clubs that put on schooling/open shows which feature mini classes. In fact I went to a Pinto show last weekend and the end of the month I'm going to an open show locally.
  10. sedeh

    Update on Mare w/Thumps page 7.(thumps video pg 3)

    Mary has the vet drawn any labs and checked her electrolytes and liver function? It always worries me when they go off their feed this long that they'll get the hyperlipidemia problem. I'm praying your mare turns around soon! :pray Thanks for sharing the video....a picture is worth a thousand...
  11. sedeh

    UPDATE : Mare with retained placenta after losing foal

    Sounds like she's on the road to recovery! Pretty mare. So sorry you lost the foal.
  12. sedeh

    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    I just love all the pretty babies this year! Congrats everyone!! :yeah
  13. sedeh

    I'm Officially a Member of the Gelding Club!

    I'm taking one of mine in today to get snipped! Hope all goes well. I love geldings.
  14. sedeh

    Easter Filly at On Target Miniatures / color help please

    Congratulations Mary!! :yeah I'm so glad you had a good outcome and a beautiful filly!!
  15. sedeh

    Please Send Prayers

    Prayers for your mare! :pray
  16. sedeh

    Mare VS Gelding Pros and Cons

    I'm a big gelding fan myself but some people enjoy mares more. I think a lot has to do with your personality and how well you click with them. It seems to me that my mares pick up on things faster but then have a bit of an attitude and don't always give you their best performance. Geldings are...
  17. sedeh

    He's here!! "white milk " mare foaled

    Very nice! Congratulations! :yeah One of my favorite mares is from the same sire.
  18. sedeh

    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    Last foal for us! Born 3/18/2012 at 10:30pm, 336 days. Total Eclipse Rebel's Rainbow, barn name is Bo. (was almost Spot!) Dam is Lucky Four Rebelchase Still Dreamin and Sire is Aloha Acres Heir to Magic The afternoon after I named him there was a big rainbow. This is when his dam...
  19. sedeh

    Question for Mares That Foal on the Early Side

    I have one mare that routinely foals early. She likes to go anywhere between 310 to the latest of 327 days. She shows all the classic signs and her foals have always been healthy.
  20. sedeh

    new to horse world just got my first mini

    Hi and welcome to the forum!! This is a great place to come for insight on these wonderful animals!