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    Appetizers for Holiday party

    I have 2 super easy and quick #1 large cream cheese can deviled ham cup finely shredded sharp cheddar mix together into ball chill and serve with crackers #2 blend large cream cheese, half cup sour cream in mixing bowl spread on flat tortillas sprinkle with one of the fol lowering:chopped...
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    Miniature Horse Show in Richmond, VA

    :aktion033: : Jill, if my ride is up to it we may make it. Since I now live in Williamsburg it's not that far. I'll sure keep my fingers crossed. Good luck, in case I can't make it after all.
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    Anyone have an electric roaster

    :aktion033: : :saludando: I've had a 18 Qt. for several years. I really love mine, but wish I had gon with the 21 Qt. besides large cuts of meats it's great for stews and soups. I even made applebutter in mine a few years ago. Got mine at Walmart, they still carry them for about $50...
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    Favorite Guilty Pleasures?

    : Curling up with a hot toddy and good book. Because I watch my sugar intake Chocolate coffee is right up there,
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    The Christmas Bloopers have begun

    :saludando: I've mislaid 2 gifts. Also I still have about 30 to wrap, need to get boxes and need to get more tags. And most of them have to e done before the 21st. Oh and need ribbon and bows too.
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    Our new boxer litter of 9 puppies born nov 22, 2006

    :aktion033: :saludando: : You have some of each fawn qnd brindle. As they get older you may hve more brindles, sometimes it takes time for the color to come in.
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    Question about my signature

    : Big and plain.
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    Thought from Barnbums post

    : Gage, He allows me to belive that there is still hope for the youth of today.
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    What neurotic horse related behavior do you do?

    :new_shocked: I don't do any horsey thins so much any more, but I do sometimes have nightmares. Since watching liberty at worlds on the computer I've dreamt that "my" horse War Paint is in liberty and when I go to catch him he runs into the fence and breaks his neck. I wake up in hysterics ...
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    Our new boxer litter of 9 puppies born nov 22, 2006

    :new_shocked: Don't forget calcium for the mother. Don't want her getting eclampsia.
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    Favorite memories of Christmas

    :new_shocked: : :aktion033: The year I was 5 and woke up to a pony on my front porch with a little saddle on him, and a cart in the front yard. Never has a Yule ment so much. Also wandering though the woods with my dad to cut the Yule tree.
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    spider picture

    :aktion033: I love "orb weavers" we had one on our deck all summer. Hope we have another next year.
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    Ok dog breeders another question for you all..

    :saludando: We always used an old fashioned slated play pen, the wooden kind, with rabbit wire around the outside. Covered the floor with tile for easy cleaning and newspapered that. All of our pups were paper trained when they went to their new homes. The puppy pen then folded and put away...
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    Name my filly

    :saludando: Serenity's Special Morning
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    Christmas Wish List -

    : Company
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    I need some husband advice,,,,,,,,,not his fault really

    :new_shocked: Is there a lot of distance between where you are dining and he is? If not maybe you can have dinner one place and dessert the other. That worked well for me and my X for 8 years.
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    Need Some Help And/Or Ideas

    Blair Homes
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    i want a dog

    :saludando: Yes you should have married an animal lover. There is no middle ground here because you will never be happy without a dog and he will never be happy with one.
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    where is everyone gone??

    :new_shocked: This is my first time in almost a week to get on I have been so lonesome noone to talk to. Boy am I not nice when the forum is down and I'm bored and lonely.
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    Need a favor...

    :no: Wouldn't load for me. My computer is a 5 mo. old Dell and we are on high speed internet.