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  1. Bennysmom


    Looks nice. Sorry to hear about your damage.
  2. Bennysmom

    Driving Discussion 2024

    Oh that's so exciting!
  3. Bennysmom

    Cookie from Southwest Georgia

    Hello from Central FL. What a cutie!
  4. Bennysmom


    I'm in Central Florida so not native but grows easily here. Laura
  5. Bennysmom

    Keeping in shape over summer

    I haven't been driving my mini since we have hit the triple digit heat index. How can I keep him in condition over the summer? I'm working mornings so that isn't really an option but I suppose early evening would be ok temperature wise.
  6. Bennysmom


    I ventured into gardening Amorphophallus or voodoo lily this summer. It's been interesting to say the least!
  7. Bennysmom

    farrier question

    My farrier uses his thigh/ knee as hoof stand.
  8. Bennysmom


    Fresh cherries sound amazing!
  9. Bennysmom

    How's the Weather ?

    It's heading into the 90's here in Central FL with some humidity.
  10. Bennysmom

    Book Club 2024

    I'm really into the books, but spring is here and it's hard to focus!
  11. Bennysmom

    How's the Weather ?

    We have a nice spring day today but it will be 87 on Thursday. I'm not ready for hot days.
  12. Bennysmom

    Book Club 2024

    I want able to finish Fly Girls yet but I will keep going and add this one too. Laura
  13. Bennysmom

    Hello from NW Indiana!

    Hello from Central Florida!
  14. Bennysmom

    Walking/Hiking with your minis 2024

    What a great photo!
  15. Bennysmom

    Book Club 2024

    I'm looking forward to reading this book! A dream I had when I was younger was to be a veterinarian. I followed all the steps, even went to U of FL as an animal science major. My personal life took a downward turn and I went home for a bit. I let go of that dream after my grades tanked but I...
  16. Bennysmom

    Michigan Mini Horse Mom

    Welcome to the forum!
  17. Bennysmom

    Book Club 2024

    I haven't heard that before but I really like it!
  18. Bennysmom

    Returning member and mini owner

    Welcome back and best wishes for a healthy mare and foal.
  19. Bennysmom

    Frog and Dog

    I like them both but frogs I find especially cute!
  20. Bennysmom

    Hello! I'm new.

    Welcome to the forum! I keep my mini in a pole barn with a 12x12 stall. I do drive but I'm very new. So far it is a tremendous amount of fun and lots to learn. Laura