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    AMHA World Show

    Is there a live streaming to the Worlds. I used to go but now enjoy watching live streaming. Is there ?????
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    Cryptorchid Stallion?

    I've seen some nasty bee stings that would make you think it was a testicle.
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    Hello, I'm new and have questions! big belly? training?

    ditto on the protein and up the grain amount
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    How hot is to hot for our little minis?

    I should move to Ontario. I hate the heat/humidity !
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    I can't believe they're gone........

    I'm so sorry for your friend. Must of been horrifying. I didn't know there are killer bees in TX
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    New Hampshire

    One of THE BEST states to live in. But I'd visit awhile before making a move to any state.
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    I know i was not on ...but

    I've had miscarriages but went on to have 2 children, now 20 and 18. Talk to your Dr. Good luck, don't give up.
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    Favorite TV Show You Think Not Enough of Us Watch???

    American Pickers, Whale Wars, Pawn stars, antiques roadshow, auction wars
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    The Voice

    I've only watched it once so far. Shakira seems better than Christina. I liked Ceelo, didn't see much of Usher to form an opinion yet. Love the show! Have you seen Idol .... OMG it's completely ruined.
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    Any ideas? Daughter going to college..... help

    Great Ideas. Wish I could sell her on the Arkansas and Florida one. We'll have to see what FAFSA will let us.
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    Is Anyone Else Getting Away This Winter?

    Naples is on the Southwest Gulf coast. Kinda expensive for Florida. I would like to take a daytrip to the keys. They have a fishing pier, a zoo, beautiful beaches, right next to the everglades. I love hiking, flea markets, animals and WARM weather. Love to visit, but could never live there...
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    Any ideas? Daughter going to college..... help

    Thanks Liz, I'll let her know.
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    Any ideas? Daughter going to college..... help

    She's still hasn't nailed down her "Major" she said she'll do general studies til she figures it out ?? She has looked (all online) at a few schools in AZ, Mesa and Scottsdale. She doesn't like the drama of living in a dorm. She got accepted to Sierra out in CA ? anyone familiar? any in...
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    Any ideas? Daughter going to college..... help

    My daughter is going to College ! But, she wants to be in a warmer climate. Can anyone recommend a Community College in a warmer climate like AZ, NM, TX, CA, FL, SC. She loves nature and hiking. Doesn't want to live "dorm life" wants to rent an apartment. Any input ... ?
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    Is Anyone Else Getting Away This Winter?

    Going in a few weeks to Florida, parents have a house in Naples
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    Lost littermate-now won't eat

    Probably not it, but just heard today that Purina Beneful dog food has been killing dogs
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    Vitamins / Supplements to help shed and have healthier coat?

    The big horse (quarter horses etc.) supplements, good worming and brush, curry and brush again... daily.
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    I've had my share of couch surfers, freeloaders and I've had it. Told one tonight to not come back. My teenage kids think nothing of letting them stay. The lies these freeloaders come up with to persuade me no longer work. I've heard about so many "Psycho moms" "My parents kicked me out for...
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    Poor Abby...she has the patience and gentleness of a Saint!

    Typical Boxer. I miss my beloved Turbo