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  1. Khaleesi8

    Transporting miniatures

    I did, it’s great, light and easy to pull and manage but wasn’t cheap.
  2. Khaleesi8

    Improving length of stride

    Thanks everyone.
  3. Khaleesi8

    I need to see if a horse I’ve bought is actually on the online stud book

    Hi all... I had forgotten how much I love this forum, Facebook took over for a while but I’m glad to have been reminded to come on here. My question is, can anyone look up a horse on the Amha stud book to see if he really is now listed there as I still haven’t received his registration cert? I...
  4. Khaleesi8

    Improving length of stride

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, from Ireland, and wondering if it's possible to use training to get a mini with short strides to become a better mover?