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  1. Twodogsandapony

    Ration Balancer help!

    So, I have had my minis for about 6 weeks. I am feeding a grass hay and using Nutrena Topline ration balancer that I could buy at Tractor Supply. Now the TSC has stopped carrying it! I got the last 2 bags so I could do more research to find something equivalent and have enough to slowly switch...
  2. Twodogsandapony

    Stall questions

    Should I wait for them to arrive before hanging buckets? I have only met the one loaner mini, so I know how tall she is. The other, I just have an approximate height.
  3. Twodogsandapony

    Stall questions

    I have almost completed my barn build for a mini I'm being given and a loaner mini for her buddy. I'm at the exciting stage of where to place things like water bucket, feed pan, hay nets. In looking for advice on placement, heights to hang things and whatever may be different than my "big"...
  4. Twodogsandapony

    I Cross Tied Misty This Evening

    Misty is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Twodogsandapony

    Belle 2021

    She's adorable!